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“From Muse to Master: Celebrating Women in Art” Session One, The Early Masters

January 17th and January 18th.  Start the New Year off with another of the wonderful Dine and Learn Series Dinners or Luncheons hosted at 1921 by Norman Van Aken and the Modernism MuseumFrom Muse to Master: Celebrating Women Artists is a three-part lecture series that explores the work of female artists throughout art history.  We will discuss the work of women artists as far back as ancient Rome and the impact those artists had on future generations.  This series will celebrate female artists who have been overlooked or erased from history simply because of their gender. This Early Masters session will explore female artists of the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods whose work was often attributed to their male teachers or male family members.  Dinner @6:30pm on Wednesday, 1/17 ($50) and Lunch @12:30pm on Thursday, 1/18 ($35).  Please call 352.385.1921 or 352.385.0034 to reserve your seat for Dinner or Lunch.

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